Episode 2: Why Mutiny? Part Two: Volatility

Mutiny Fund - Long Volatility

Short and Long, Gold, the Permanent Portfolio and Equity Tail Hedging

This podcast is an open-ended exploration of topics relating to growing and preserving your wealth including investing, markets, decision making under opacity, risk, volatility, and complexity.

Mutiny Fund is a multi-strategy long volatility fund designed to give retail investors a way to insure their portfolios against volatility, tail risk, and black swan events.

This is the second episode of a four part series where Jason and Taylor discuss the thesis behind Mutiny.

In the first episode we looked at diversification and it’s role in an investor’s portfolio. While many investors realize the importance of diversification, they often fail to diversify across one category: Volatility.

Today we’ll be looking at Volatility as an asset class. We believe all investments can be organized into either Short Volatility (those that are harmed by volatility) or Long Volatility (those that benefit from volatility).

We’ll be looking at some of the options for Long Volatility investments including Gold, the Permanent Portfolio and the Equity Tail Hedge.

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