Resilient investments for an unknown future.

Seeking to help long-term investors compound their wealth across boom & bust environments. Offense wins games. Defense wins championships.

Cockroaches aren’t cuddly, but they do two things well that we also want out of our portfolios: they’re hard to kill and they compound fast.

The Cockroach Approach lays out our philosophy on how investors can combine offensive and defensive assets to build resilient, diversified portfolios that can better compound their wealth for the long run while minimizing risks in the short run.


Disclaimer: Outside of the tables marked ‘live performance’, the numbers and graphics herein are examples and exhibits of the topic discussed and do not represent trading in actual accounts. Funds utilizing futures and derivatives carry a risk of substantial losses and are not suitable for all investors. There is no guarantee the strategies outlined herein will result in profits or achieve their desired outcome. Please see full terms of use risk disclaimer and privacy policy.

Mutiny Funds Seeks to Help Investors Achieve...

True Diversification That Withstands Black Swan Events

Faster, Long Term Compounding Growth For Better Returns

Steady Growth & Reduced Drawdowns for a Reliable Portfolio

Our flagship strategy is designed to deliver better risk-adjusted returns than traditional portfolios across macro-economic environments: growth, recession, inflation or deflation.

A combination of the Volatility Strategy and Commodity Trend Strategy that seeks to achieve flat to slightly positive returns during positive periods for stock and bond portfolios while providing its most significant returns in periods of equity market drawdowns or high inflation.

A blend of our Volatility Strategy and US stock exposure designed to provide equity upside with hedged protection.
A diversified ensemble of commodity-focused trend following strategies designed to deliver returns during inflationary regimes and prolonged declines in equity or bond markets.

A diversified ensemble of long volatility strategies designed to improve overall portfolio performance by delivering returns in sharp equity market drawdowns.

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Why Mutiny?


The sub-advisors we allocate to constitute a team of over 100 investment professionals with deep and diverse investing experience.


100s of clients around the world have invested with Mutiny since 2020, while our sub-advisors manage over $10 billion of client assets.


We trade 100s of markets around the world to try to provide more resilient portfolios and stronger compound growth.

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Sequencing Risk: Why The Expected Value Is Not What You Should Expect

Expected value (EV) is a popular and often cited concept among investors. However, it’s a bit of a misnomer and has a few serious limitations. To briefly recap, expected value is a calculation made by multiplying the probability of something happening by the magnitude of the outcome. Let’s say you give me a bet on a fair die. The die has 6 sides so each side should show up 16.6% of the time – that’s 6 to 1 odds. Now let’s say I offer you

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Stocks for the Long Run?

“Stocks for the Long Run” is the mantra of many investors today. The U.S. stock market’s stellar performance, especially post 2008, and its rarity of long-term losses have become something of a gospel. Renowned experts like Eugene Fama and Ken French support this belief, estimating high probability of substantial gains over extended horizons. Indeed, the U.S. stock market was the strongest performing market in the 20th century. As Stocks for the Long Run author Jeremy Siegel noted: “… U.S. stocks have been the best long-term

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Why Offense Wins Games, But Defense Wins Championships

We are excited to introduce a new addition to our suite of investment strategies – The Defense Strategy. It combines Mutiny Fund’s Volatility Strategy and Commodity Trend Strategy. The Volatility Strategy is designed to act as a so-called ‘black swan’ investment, achieving asymmetric gains in times of high volatility or tail risk (e.g. March 2020). The Commodity Trend Strategy is designed to profit during inflationary periods (e.g. 2022) as well as during extended ‘crisis periods’ for stocks and bonds (e.g. 2008). In combining these two

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Investment Podcast

This podcast is an open-ended exploration of topics relating to growing and preserving your wealth including investing, markets, decision making under opacity, risk, volatility, and complexity.

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